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3A DAO Partners with Hypernative to Enhance User Security for the 3A Lending Protocol

3A DAO has teamed up with Hypernative to strengthen the security of our lending protocol and provide users with enterprise-grade protection.

About Hypernative

Hypernative is a Web3 real-time security and risk prevention platform that stops zero day cyber attacks, economic risks, detects on-chain anomalies and protects digital assets, protocols and Web3 applications from significant losses or threats.

Hypernative provide extremely accurate exploits detections, automated playbooks and fully customized alerts and goes beyond smart contract vulnerabilities with over 200+ risk types (Bridges, oracles, financial/market, governance, technical and others)

Hypernative works today with top chains, projects and asset managers as customers including: Polygon, Zetachain, Messari, Chainalysis, Circle and many others.

How Hypernative Enhances Enterprise-Grade Security

As 3A DAO, we utilize the Hypernative platform to proactively identify security incidents, zero-day vulnerabilities, and market risks with remarkable accuracy, preventing them from affecting our protocol and community.

Hypernative achieves this through a range of advanced methods, including machine learning, heuristics, simulations, and anomaly-based detections. These techniques are continuously applied by monitoring both on-chain and select off-chain data sources in real-time.

Over the past year, the Hypernative system has successfully detected all major security breaches. In 98% of the hacks happened over the past year, Hypernative could have detected the potential threat as early as two minutes and more before the first hack transaction. The key takeaway is that this process can be automated, making the timing of detection less critical.

These exceptional capabilities empower Hypernative to identify various attack vectors, some of which may elude traditional audits. For instance, it can detect threats like private key compromises, significantly bolstering the safety and security of 3A DAO and its participants.

Key Goals and Current Collaborative Efforts between 3A DAO and Hypernative:

Protocol Security

- Evaluating security frameworks and response procedures.

- Designating manual and automated actions for various types of events.

- Establishing standard operating procedures for event categories and time-sensitivity.

- Implementing pre-incident measures to mitigate risk and respond swiftly to threats.

- Creating post-incident response strategies.

- Automating the notification process for Chainalysis to track attacker wallets and stolen funds.

- Investigating abnormal behaviors.

- Employing Hypernative's zero-day detection modules to detect and alert on security incidents in real-time.

Oracles, Bridges, Arbitrage, and Related Tokens/Contracts

- Ensuring the reliability of price oracles.

- Detecting discrepancies in Oracle updates.

- Monitoring bridge security and detecting related incidents and risks.

- Keeping an eye on tokens and contracts associated with the protocol for anomalies, market conditions, security, holdings concentration, and supply changes.

Real-Time Economic Risk Detection

- Custom real-time economic risk detection for various scenarios.

- Detecting anomalies in paired tokens' price deviations.

- Monitoring pool composition for anomalies.

- Tracking position health and borrowing rates.

- Keeping an eye on stablecoin depegging.

- Monitoring liquidation risk across Vaults.

Participants Monitoring

- Monitoring participants' financial activities for suspicious behavior.

- Watching for large fund transfers.

- Identifying suspicious or illicit activities and holdings for protocol participants.

- Monitoring blacklisted addresses for compliance.

Protocol Operations Monitoring

- Keeping a close watch on protocol treasury and wallets.

- Monitoring significant fund transfers and transactions.

- Ensuring protocol multi-sig wallets remain free from anomalies and suspicious activities.

This partnership with Hypernative fortifies our commitment to providing users with a secure and reliable environment within the 3A DAO ecosystem.

About 3A DAO

3A is a Zero Interest Rate Lending Protocol for crypto and on-chain RWA safeguarded by enterprise-grade security. Functioning as a non-custodial and decentralized lending solution, users can borrow EURO3 interest-free against their tokens. Addressing crucial challenges, 3A DAO offers on-demand, cost-effective liquidity, establishes deep liquidity on DEXs, provides sustainable yields, and facilitates efficient treasuries management.

Join us as we revolutionize the DeFi space and make this vision a reality!
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