Fyde Switches On Real-Time Protection With Hypernative Platform

Fyde is enhancing its security by monitoring operations, crafting pre-incident strategies and ensuring rapid response with Hypernative's critical alerts and automated actions

Hypernative, the most proven threat detection and response platform in Web3, is partnering with Fyde, the provider of AI-driven portfolio management and liquidity optimization services, to protect the token holdings in Fyde Liquid Vault.

Fyde creates an onchain Liquid Vault where users can deposit governance tokens, and in return, receive increased liquidity, diversification, and yield, while still being able to retain governance rights. To date, the Liquid Vault has outperformed with lower volatility across bull and bear markets and gained significant traction, including integrations with over 25 crypto protocols, DAOs and Layer 2s. Fyde Protocol addresses the complexities of crypto treasury management for DAOs and protocols, promoting long-term growth and sustainability.

Fyde’s vault allows for users to access the protocol using any of the pre-vetted tokens that together compose a portfolio management strategy that lowers the volatility of portfolios. Depositors unlock liquidity via the vault’s liquid wrapper token ($TRSY), which is received by the depositor. Akin to Lido’s liquid staking model, holders of $TRSY are encouraged to transact with this token on the open market, providing optionality outside of relying on a single token sale. 

Fyde is tapping Hypernative Platform's continuous monitoring, high-accuracy alerts and automated response capabilities to protect its more than $2 million in total value locked and the 10,000-strong community. As part of the partnership, Hypernative will also assist with:

  • setting standard operational procedures;
  • creating pre- and post-incident measures;
  • detecting threats and issuing alerts in real time;
  • providing incident response;
  • identifying exploit root causes and suggesting remedies;
  • war room management;
  • community communications and post mortem.

Smart contracts call for smarter security. Hypernative monitors both onchain and offchain data sources in real time to stop hacks with the fastest and most-reliable threat detection and response in Web3. Hypernative Platform accurately identifies over 200 risk types from smart contract hacks and bridge security incidents to frontend compromises, market manipulations and private key theft.

Hypernative Platform uses battle-tested, sophisticated machine learning models, heuristics, simulations, and graph-based detections to identify threats with high accuracy and give customers precious minutes to respond before exploits can do damage. The system monitors over 25 chains, covering security, technical, financial, governance and other risks. Hypernative Platform detected 99.5% of hacks last year with less than 0.001% false positive rate and saved more than $50 million of funds to date.

Fyde joins over 80 leading Web3 projects that rely on Hypernative’s real-time enterprise-grade platform that monitors over $37 billion worth of digital assets across 25 chains. The list includes Starknet, Polygon, Messari, Chainalysis, Circle, Galaxy Digital, Ether.fi, Radiant Capital, and more.

Reach out for a demo of Hypernative’s platform, tune into Hypernative’s blog and our social channels to keep up with the latest on cybersecurity in Web3.

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