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Hypernative Receives a Grant to Protect the StarkNet Ecosystem

Hypernative is pleased to announce that it has received a grant from the Starknet Foundation to offer its monitoring and proactive security and threat detections to any project building on top of the Starknet chain.


Today, projects spend a considerable amount of funds on multiple audits, however we still see recurring hacks/exploits happening to audited projects. It is obvious that audits shouldn’t be and can’t be the only tool employed to protect the security of assets and prevent the loss of funds.

Leveraging real time security solutions with incident response capabilities and layering security across the entire project lifecycle can provide better results to developers and users and help protect their work from a variety of attack vectors like smart contract vulnerabilities, market manipulation, 3rd-party compromises, frontend attacks and operational wallet compromises.

About Hypernative Solution

Hypernative monitors both on-chain and off-chain data sources in real time. Leveraging machine learning models, heuristics, simulations and graph-based detections, it accurately predicts smart contract hacks, bridge security incidents, frontend compromises, market manipulations, private key theft and many other market and technical risks.

By combining all the above with robust custom monitoring the result is a comprehensive threat intelligence platform for project events and participants. These detections can then be linked in Hypernative to various automated playbooks to prevent and mitigate risks instantly.

Developers working within the Starknet ecosystem can immediately benefit from Hypernative's functionality, securing their projects. In the last year Hypernative was able to detect all hacks/exploits and in 98% of the cases detected them few minutes and more before the first hack transaction making them totally preventable.

The Offering

Any project building on Starknet can apply today for free access to Hypernative.

Projects will receive an account for the Hypernative web application and API key to configure real time alerts in variety of categories, including:

  • Proactive Security (Hacks/Exploits) Detections
  • Financial and Market Risks
  • Operational Risks
  • Governance Risks
  • Phishing / Scamming and Fraud
  • Custom Alerts

    Hypernative will host a dedicated support channel to answer questions and to provide help to any project in need.

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    Detect attacks in-progress and prevent losses in real time, protect against security (hacks/exploits), governance and financial risks with actionable insights

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