From Bridges to Ecosystem-Wide Protection: Starknet's Security Journey

How Starknet uses Hypernative to secure its ecosystem with over 4.95 million contracts and more than $1 billion of TVL

Starknet, one of Hypernative's earliest customers, first introduced real-time monitoring to detect exploits targeting its bridges before expanding coverage to the core protocol. In June 2023, Starknet extended protection to projects building in its ecosystem.

The Scope

About Starknet

Starknet is a Layer-2 blockchain that operates on top of Ethereum and uses ZK-Rollup technology to scale. The technology allows for higher throughput at a lower execution cost and enables applications building on the protocol to scale without compromising on security. Starknet is home to over 16,000 live accounts and hundreds of dApps, wallets and services.

“Hypernative's real-time detection and response solution completed our security arrangement by adding an active component to existing audits and bounties. Now, as growth reaches an inflection point, we extend that protection to projects in the Starknet ecosystem and their users.”
--Derek Flossman, Head of Product @ Starknet Foundation

Hypernative’s Core Protocol Offering

  • Real-time detection of any security attack vectors on Starknet and its participants and defining together with the core team preventive workflows to neutralize the threats; 
  • Real time detection and warning of anomalies and risks in governance proposals, bridges, oracles, participants, phishing or scamming campaigns affecting $STRK and its holders;
  • A jointly-developed security framework and an expert contact in Hypernative to provide help with security incidents, bug/vulnerabilities disclosures and processes.

The Ecosystem Package

With Hypernative's ecosystem-wide coverage, eligible projects get

  • A free Hypernative Platform accountsome text
    • Single chain coverage (the ecosystem’s home network)
    • 50 contract addresses
    • 15 custom agents
    • Global support (no SLA)
  • An incident response packagesome text
    • Assistance in identifying the root cause, investigation, mitigation and fund recovery 
  • Hypernative Security Oracle integration
  • Support & education


Guard against reputation risk

  • Exploits of any dApp reflect badly on the whole chain

Attract more projects

  • Security as a package deal for prospective projects

Become a security leader

  • Join the growing number of secure chains, including Linea, Chainlink, Flare, Zetachain, Sei, and more

Smart contracts call for smarter security. Hypernative monitors both onchain and offchain data sources in real time to stop hacks with the fastest and most-reliable threat detection and response in Web3. Hypernative Platform accurately identifies over 200 risk types from smart contract hacks and bridge security incidents to frontend compromises, market manipulations and private key theft.

Hypernative Platform uses battle-tested, sophisticated machine learning models, heuristics, simulations, and graph-based detections to identify threats with high accuracy and give customers precious minutes to respond before exploits can do damage. The system monitors security, technical, financial, governance and other risks. Hypernative Platform detected 99.5% of hacks last year with less than 0.001% false positive rate and saved more than $50 million of funds to date.

Over 100 Web3 projects already rely on Hypernative’s real-time enterprise-grade platform that monitors over $37 billion worth of digital assets across more than 30 chains. The list includes Balancer, Berachain, Chainalysis, Chainlink, Circle, Ethena, Ether.fi, Flare, Galaxy Digital, Karpatkey, Linea, Messari, OlympusDAO, Radiant Capital, Sei Networks, Starknet, Woo Finance, and more.

Reach out for a demo of Hypernative’s platform, tune into Hypernative’s blog and our social channels to keep up with the latest on cybersecurity in Web3.

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