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OlympusDAO Chooses Hypernative as Its Real-Time Security and Risk Intelligence Provider

We are pleased to announce that OlympusDAO has voted to choose Hypernative as the protocol real time security and risk prevention vendor.

We are pleased to announce that OlympusDAO has voted to choose Hypernative as the protocol real time security and risk prevention vendor.

In the current landscape, a mere audit process is insufficient. Web3 applications and protocols operate in a highly adversarial environment, with malicious actors constantly seeking to exploit vulnerabilities for financial gain in various different attack vectors.

Hypernative will operate as OlympusDAO runtime security team and consult the team in building advanced post deployment monitoring and security architecture for a Web3 project.

Hypernative platform helps identify zero-day security threats and vulnerabilities in real time and proactively mitigating their impact by leveraging machine learning models and sophisticated real-time detections.

The teams will collaborate to develop automated playbooks and workflows to safeguard the protocol and the community funds from any exposure or risk.

We are always happy to work with projects that put security and protecting their community funds at the top of their mind in their priority list.

We got to know the OlympusDAO team for some time now and are excited to partner with them on this journey together.


Hypernative stops zero day cyber attacks, and economic risks, detects on-chain anomalies, and protects digital assets, protocols, and Web3 applications from significant losses or threats.

Powered by our “pre-cog” platform, Hypernative monitors on and off chain data sources using our proprietary machine learning models to accurately predict cyber, economic, and governance threats before they manifest. The detections are then connected to various automated playbooks to prevent and mitigate risks in real time.


OHM, governed by the Olympus DAO, is Web3’s decentralized reserve currency. OHM’s purpose is to provide the growing Web3 financial ecosystem with a censorship-resistant currency that preserves purchasing power, has deep liquidity, is trusted, and is used widely as a unit of account. OHM is supported by a robust and growing Treasury, which acts as a counterbalance to the market, adding confidence and stability to a volatile system

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New Way to Secure and Monitor Web3

Detect attacks in-progress and prevent losses in real time, protect against security (hacks/exploits), governance and financial risks with actionable insights

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