Mode Protocol and Ecosystem Are Now Secured by Hypernative

Hypernative's real-time threat detection and automated response platform is now securing the Mode network and projects that build on it

Mode, an Ethereum Layer 2 that rewards users for growing the network via new economic mechanisms, is making its blockchain and the projects building on it unassailable to hacks by adopting Hypernative's industry-leading real-time threat detection and response platform.

Projects will get access to Hypernative Platform and receive help configuring and setting up security monitoring and prevention flows. Hypernative will assist with incident response, helping investigate and identify root causes and leveraging its network of connections for recovery of lost funds. The scope of monitoring and response includes:

  • Security
  • Compliance
  • Threat intelligence
  • Financial & market risks
  • Operational risks
  • Governance risks
  • Phishing, scams and fraud

As part of the partnership, the Mode team will enhance the underlying protocol's security with ecosystem-wide monitoring that covers a broad range of attack surfaces and risk vectors including bridges, internal infrastructure smart contracts, multisig wallets, treasury and token allocations, and more. Hypernative will also create a risk dashboard and a dedicated support channel.

Smart contracts call for smarter security. Hypernative monitors both onchain and offchain data sources in real time to stop hacks with the fastest and most-reliable threat detection and response in Web3. Hypernative Platform accurately identifies over 200 risk types from smart contract hacks and bridge security incidents to frontend compromises, market manipulations and private key theft.

Hypernative Platform uses battle-tested, sophisticated machine learning models, heuristics, simulations, and graph-based detections to identify threats with high accuracy and give customers precious minutes to respond before exploits can do damage. The system monitors security, technical, financial, governance and other risks. Hypernative Platform detected 99.5% of hacks last year with less than 0.001% false positive rate and saved more than $50 million of funds to date.

Mode joins over 100 Web3 projects that rely on Hypernative’s real-time enterprise-grade platform that monitors over $37 billion worth of digital assets across more than 30 chains. The list includes Balancer, Berachain, Chainalysis, Chainlink, Circle, Ethena, Ether.fi, Flare, Galaxy Digital, Karpatkey, Linea, Messari, OlympusDAO, Radiant Capital, Sei, Starknet, Woo Finance, and more.

Reach out for a demo of Hypernative’s platform, tune into Hypernative’s blog and our social channels to keep up with the latest on cybersecurity in Web3.

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